Html Examples

Background shadow image

I am a level 2 heading

Time for a paragraph. Notice I haven't listed all of the html tags... only the most common.So tags such as blockquote, figcaption, object or iframe are not listed here.

Css Examples

Pick a color -- pink is not allowed.
Choose a font family like Comic sans

. We can also change the font weight or simply pick a smaller font size
Feel free to change the background color.

Css can add padding to a paragraph, and change its background color.
Css can also stretch words any length you wish. In the advanced section of html I'll show you how css can move, rotate, spin and render html elements invisible.

Css can add margin to a paragraph, change its width ,and height. The line height changes the spacing between lines: it makes reading text much easier.It's also possible to add in an image or 2 to an element.

Form Examples
    What would you like for breakfast?

  • Raisin Brand with milk and juice

  • Scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast

  • Pancakes, bacon, eggs and milk

  • Grapefruit, toast, and coffee
    Choose Your Dinner
    Sorry no submit buttons have been included in any of these examples. You need php and javascript to see them in action. We haven't covered those languages yet. In order to see javascript and php in action skip to part 2 of this html introduction found here.
    Here's the textarea box.

    Unlike a simple textbox, you may
    place 3 or more lines of text inside.
Table Examples
Best SciFi Authors
Author Monsters Novel
James Axler Stickies Deathlands
Brian Lumley Vampires Vamphyri
Jim Butcher Werewolves Dresden Files
Html Languages
Html Python Angular
Javascript flash 8 Express
Jquery Vue Css3
Php Flexbox Node
Other Html Topics
Html5 Books Grid Css
Audio Flash CS3 XML
Video Sass Ruby
Open gl Masks Mobile
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