Table Tags
Table Rules
Table Tag
< table> < /table>
Container for the Table
Caption Tag
< caption> < /caption>
describes the data within the table.
Alignment Tag
< Align="">
Alignment choices are vertical, left, right, and center.
Table Head Tag
< th> < /th>
the text within this tag turns bold.
Table Row Tag
< tr> < /tr>
Creates a row in the table & contains the head and data tags.
Table Data Tag
< td> < /td>
Contains all table data; it can be text, images or video.
Column Span
< colspan="4">
forces the data to span 4 columns across the table.
Row Span
< rowspan="4">
forces the data to span 4 rows across the table.
Cellspacing Tag
< cellspacing="">
Cellspacing adds space between the table cells.
Cellpadding Tag
< cellpadding="">
Cellpadding adds around the table data.