Form Tags
Form Rules
Form Tag
< form>< /form>
Container for the Form..
Form action Tag
< form action="">
This links to the file which will process the form data.
Textbox Tag
< input type="textbox" >
This tag creates a textbox.
Checkbox Tag
< input type="checkbox"
name="" value="">
This tag creates a checkbox.
Select Tag
< select name="" > < /select>
This tag creates a select box. The option tag lies within.
Option Tag
< option value="" > < /option >
Each option has a different value. Only one choice can be made..
Textarea Tag
< textarea rows="2" cols="3">
< / textarea >
Creates a rectangular box for text input.
Hidden Tag
< input type="hidden">
hides data from the user.
Submit button
< input type ="submit" value = "" >
When the submit button is clicked the data is sent.